Trellis Capital is a Toronto-based financing firm that invests primarily in Canadian growth companies which operate in the technology sector.

Investment Criteria

Primary Focus: Growth Companies

  • Companies that have -
    • Approximately $5mm in revenues
    • developed proprietary or patented innovations
  • Investment Size: in the $2 million range
    • There is an ability to invest above or below this range, on a case by case basis.

Secondary Focus: Early-stage Companies

  • Companies that have/are -
    • Revenue generating
    • Developed patentable or proprietary technologies that are game-changing and disruptive
  • Investment Size: $500,000 to 2 million
    • There is an ability to invest above or below this range, on a case by case basis.

Business Model: Highly Scalable and Capital Efficient

Trellis looks to invest in companies with highly scalable and capital efficient business models that have the potential to transform industries on a global scale.

Geographic Location: Ontario, Canada

Companies with headquarters located in Ontario

Ownership: Typically Minority

Every attempt is made to ensure that founders/management retain a stake in their business to keep them motivated.

Instrument: Equity to Sub-Debt with Equity

The instrument is customized to suit each investee company’s stage and requirement. As a result, investments are made by way of any equity-related security, from pure equity to sub-debt with equity.

Involvement: Board Position to Operational Involvement

In addition to Board participation, Trellis’ involvement ranges from unlocking our extensive rolodex to customers and/or channel partners to closing gaps in the executive team if and when necessary and mutually agreed upon.

Return Expectations: 5 – 10 x Capital Invested

Trellis invests in companies it believes will be able to deliver returns of 5 to 10 times the invested capital over 3 to 5 years.