Trellis Capital is a Toronto-based financing firm that invests primarily in Canadian growth companies which operate in the technology sector.


BioAstra Technologies

Bioastra Technologies Inc. is a dynamic R&D company dedicated to creating the next generation of smart textile and wearable devices for humans to survive and thrive in difficult, sometimes hostile, circumstances. The company has built a unique technology platform of responsive polymers and composites that change their physicochemical properties when triggered by a multitude of external stimuli. These smart polymers have already caught the imagination of industry leaders in a wide variety of verticals including fmcg, medical devices, packaging, clean tech and energy.

Datec Coating Corporation

Datec Coating Corporation produces high performance ceramic, conductive and resistive materials for a variety of applications through a family of patented coatings it has developed. Applications range from superior performing kitchen appliances and food warmers to high performance heating solutions for medical, aerospace and military applications.


Flybits designs and develops adaptive and scalable Cloud-Based and Context-Aware mobile solutions which address the mobile information needs of enterprises and their customers with a single, scalable platform without imposing costly infrastructure and integration costs. The Flybits platform allows companies to have more control over their data, devices, and operations, while also gaining access to valuable data analytics for better customer service and operational efficiency.

Funnel Cake Inc. 

FunnelCake is a SaaS platform that helps B2B marketing teams understand their buyer journey. FunnelCake aggregates data from existing sales and marketing apps, like CRM, automation, and social networks, to provide insights on how the various marketing activities are influencing the buyer. This helps B2B organizations understand how effective their marketing activities are, make critical changes to them, and enables them to optimize the marketing process in a most cost and time effective manner.

Handshake VR

Handshake VR (2007) has a time-delay compensation software (TiDeC) that virtually eliminates the latency associated with telehaptics (a sense of touch) over a computer network. The company’s product suite also provides development engineers with the tools necessary to design and develop haptic-enabled teleoperation applications, which span a diverse range of industries including military, aerospace, medical, industrial and consumer markets.

iS5 Communications

iS5 Communications is an integrated service and solutions provider and manufacturer of intelligent, Industrial Ethernet products designed to be used in the harsh environments of utility sub-stations, roadside transportation, rail, and industrial applications. iS5Com’s services and products are key enablers of advanced technology implementation such as the Smart Grid, Intelligent Transportation Systems and the Intelligent Oil Field.

Locationary (Sold to Apple)

Locationary has developed Saturn, a global platform that allows companies to share data, and to retrieve data from others while maintaining their own data format. The benefit of Saturn is that it allows the reconciliation of numerous, disparate local data feeds so that they can seamlessly be presented for use in a local search.

Sciemetric Instruments (Exit – Leverage Buy-out)

Sciemetric Instruments Inc. sells proprietary inspection systems in order to detect defects in real time in virtually any assembly process. These systems along with the company’s data management software, which provides complete product traceability, increase throughput, reduces scrap and guarantees quality, thereby significantly improving the profitability of its blue-chip customer base.


Sidense Corp. is a leading developer of silicon-proven embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP). Sidense’s patented one-time programmable (OTP) memory enables a wide range of electronic products which are based upon complex System on Chip (SOC) semiconductors. End-market products include, but are not limited to: home entertainment consumer products, cellular telephones, RFID, medical, and automotive products.

Teraspan Networks

TeraSpan’s patented micro-trenching technology enables its host of well-recognized customers to install optical fiber for the last mile at a fraction of the typical build-out cost, with significantly less build-out times and minimal disruption to the topography.

TrendMD Image

TrendMD is the world’s leading scholarly content discovery and distribution platform with over 10M unique readers a month seeing TrendMD recommendations, over a 100M recommendations served per month, and growing at 11% per week.

TrendMD’s service is used by publishers to recirculate their own traffic by generating personalized on-site content recommendations.TrendMD also enables publishers, authors, pharma, and agencies to acquire high quality traffic and unique-users by recommending their content as third party content, which populates TrendMD’s widgets throughout our network of top STM publishers. Participating publishers include Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Nature Publishing Group, BMJ Group, IEEE and many more.

Volante System

Volante Systems Inc (Volante) is a Point of Sale leader in quick service, and table service restaurants especially corporate and institutional cafeterias, stadiums and arenas. The Company offers mobile ordering, stadium-stand menus, meal plans, gift cards, self-service kiosks, and tablet solutions.